Home-world Progress And How You Can Help!

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Home-world Progress And How You Can Help!

Postby Deathwatch101 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:21 am

Time of Chaos – Weekly Situation Report – 07/03/3302 –> 14/03/3302


  • Civil Unrest Occurred at 07/03/3302, By 08/03/3302 the situation was brought under control.
  • Boom occurred at 09/03/3302 and lasted up to the 13/03/3302
  • War Has begun in Shorodo for Control of the system between Shorodo Family and Time of Chaos
  • We saw a slight downturn in Influence in Shorodo, When the War began.


  • Drop Exploration Data at Suri Gateway, Vesuvit
  • Complete Combat Operations against Shorodo Family for Time of Chaos in Shorodo, Drop Vouchers in Stations at Shorodo.
  • Trade with Suri Gateway

Story Log

After our victory in Shorodo in the days after Civil Unrest occurred with our forces away, hostile parties made moves to create Civil Unrest throughout our Group, Thanks to Tactical and Purge Operations by our Forces, we have been able to bring those whom created this issue to Justice within a day of them beginning their visible actions.
With these additional “slaves” we were able to enter a state of Boom, that lasted for a couple of days.

In addition, we have begun Combat Operations against Shorodo Family, whom swept in and took control of the system during our expansion after the power vacuum that occurred with our arrival and the crushing of local forces.

We request all available Combat Forces move to assist in Shorodo if avaliable.

Currently we have no other reports on upcoming events as we are no longer in our Economic Boom, while we recover from the influx of profits, we will report if anything else occurs in the coming week.
However, with our rising power in Vesuvit, It shouldn’t be long before we are looking to probe for expansion into another local system to claim ourselves another seat of power.

Hail Chaos, For the Echleon.
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