Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

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Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Deathwatch101 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:45 pm

Refer to the Home-world Details thread for related info on our home systems, including influence charts and details on materials etc

HOW TO HELP (UPDATED: 29/06/2016)

With the war in Auserid over our current Operational Focus is stabilising and buffering Vesuvit and Shorodo's Influence, in the coming days we expect mission levels for Time of Chaos to be higher with the states of Boom, Civil Unrest or Expansion.

High Priority Actions
  • Complete Missions for Time of Chaos in Vesuvit and Shorodo.
  • Trade with Suri Gateway, Vesuvit and Akiyama Hub, Shorodo.

Low Priority Actions
  • Support Time of Chaos in HIP 4273 and Auserid
  • Assassinate Forces belonging to other Minor Factions.
  • Drop Exploration Data in Suri Gateway, Vesuvit and Akiyama Hub, Shorodo.

Unhelpful Actions
  • ....

More Info [+]
Time of Chaos – Weekly Situation Report – 13/06/3302 –> 20/06/3302


  • Time of Chaos emerges victorious in the Second War of Auserid
  • Faber Mines kept under Time of Chaos Control
  • Time of Chaos entered a short state of Boom
  • Time of Chaos still pending Lockdown and Civil Unrest


Over the last week our Home-World of Vesuvit has been slightly starved due to the second war over Auserid, though we have emerged significantly victorious in Auserid and it is close to falling under our control and joining our Chaos Sector.

All available Time of Chaos aligned vessels are requested to focus their efforts on assisting Time of Chaos Contractors in our Home-system of Vesuvit as the primary objective as well as assisting our Secondary Core-world of Shorodo.

These preparations should be focused over the next three days, in case the situation in other systems change and cause our Influence to begin to degrade again.

Any Exploration Vessels that are on their return route are requested to drop the data they are storing in Suri Gateway, Vesuvit, if you require escort, do not hesitate to make requests to other Chaos Forces or Echleon Company Troopers.

Hail Chaos, For the Echleon.

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