Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

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Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Deathwatch101 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:41 pm

Refer to the Home-world Details thread for related info on our home systems, including influence charts and details on materials etc

HOW TO HELP (UPDATED: 23/07/2016)

War is ongoing in HIP 6369, during this time actions and missions in any other system will have no effect on local influence for ToC. All available pilots are requested to engage in Conflict Zones and complete missions for Time of Chaos in HIP 6369.

High Priority Actions
  • Complete Missions and fight in Conflict Zones for Time of Chaos in HIP 6369.

Low Priority Actions
  • Supress Hip 4273 Crimson Posse, Nationals of Shorodo and Shorodo Family factions in Vesuvit by destroing theyr ships

Unhelpful Actions

More Info [+]
Time of Chaos – Weekly Situation Report – 29/06/3302 –> 11/07/3302


  • Time of Chaos Expands into HIP 6369
  • Time of Chaos influence on the rise or stabilised across our Systems
  • Time of Chaos completes a state of Boom
  • Time of Chaos expands to HIP 6369
  • Time of Chaos pending another Expansion


Over the last couple of weeks during the Organizations state of Boom and Expansion, we have been focusing on the reinforcing of our systems influences and the elimination of rivals moves to destabilise our systems.

With that the attempt of spreading Unrest in our systems was quickly and swiftly dealt with on the 30th of June, allowing us to continue moves to the prosperity of the combined population, with us now continuing the move of spreading the true freedom of chaos through the galaxy.

With current actions in mind, we would like to request pilots affiliating themselves with Time of Chaos focus on the continued reinforcement of our systems at this time, helping to secure our position in these systems.

Any Exploration Vessels that are on their return route are requested to drop the data they are storing in Suri Gateway, Vesuvit, if you require escort, do not hesitate to make requests to other Chaos Forces or Echleon Company Troopers.

Hail Chaos, For the Echleon.

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