[Embassy] The Imperial Federation

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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby azazel_fallen » Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:36 pm

"Chav, Chav, Chav..." The Ambassador starts speaking over a crackly connection. "Sorry I can't appear right now on camera, keeping low emissions is a fucking bitch. Can't even turn the heater on in here. One of the reasons I maintain such a generous frame. All that fucking insulation means I can run cold and silent for longer in this frigid fucking cabin. Couldn't even bring Beta-kins with me. Such a fucking shame. But that contract for a thousand tonnes of unregulated slaves into Papako was just too tasty to ignore."

"It is nice to hear you continue to try and maintain open channels. It does speak highly of your character, such as it is." A few klaxons go off, "Scan detected" is heard from a terran-british voice. The Ambassador curses, "Fucking narks, one second."

The transmission goes silent for a few moments. "There we go... fucking idiot pigs. Where was I?"

"Oh yes, so you've seen a small slice of what happens when the lads get riled... Yeah, that does suck like Delta on a Friday night after a few lines of blow. Sadly there is far more to come. They've barely gotten started yet. Half of them were spread across the bubble looking for random shit, but then they saw your little messages and...

"Which leads me to my next point.

"By the way, you do realise these supposedly upstanding Papako citizens of yours are running a fucking lucrative black market here, yeah? Quite a nice little money spinner. And its got the cops fucking spewing. Who knows what will happen when your citizens find out that there's a thriving trade in unregulated slaves going on.

"Sorry, side tracked again, this is what happens when I don't bring a secretary or three along to keep me amused.

"You are approaching this all wrong my good friend Chav. This universe is a nasty place, and not one that a pleasant upstanding citizen will last long in. We in the Time of Chaos all worked that out a long time ago. There is strength in numbers. There is strength in Chaos. Indeed, a favourite quote of mine goes something like 'Civilisation is like the thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and dark. We are the ocean.'"

"We are indeed the ocean. We've suffered ups and downs. We've seen reavers come and go. And yet we remain, and in the intergalatic scale of things, we are the single largest chaotic entity in the bubble. That is because we understand the nature of the vacuum. The cold and dark and beauty of the chaos of the universe. We cannot oppose it, you have to reap the whirlwind. You have to embrace it. Caress it. Feel its power.

"You face embarrassment little one. Your systems will crumble and fail. You can run or be taken. If you run, all that awaits is some other form of order and misery. The constructed artifice of man that will seek to curtail and control your free spirit. Grind you down. You'll just become one of them. Another cog in the federation machine, or the imperial machine or what-the-fuck-ever.

"Or you can join the Chaos. Submit. Embrace the nature of the universe. Feel a part of the raw power that can tear an O class apart and send it super nova. Feel the cold of the void, the heat of the stars. Embrace the Chaos.

"Just a sign of submission is required and you can join with us. Enjoy what you wish. Whether that be booze, drugs and sluts or building your own little mercenary army. We take all. We accept all. We treat all equally. All that is required is that you submit to the nature of the universe and submit to Chaos.

"I really must go. My cock is about to shrivel up entirely in this frigid fucking cold, and there's 200 tonnes of slaves in the hold just begging to be sold to some shit hole in Papako. Think over what I have said and the offer. You cannot stand against us. You tell us you hate the Empire. Join with us.

"Or not. Your choice Chav."
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Theodin » Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:44 pm

"Your declaration of war has been received. If you want to act like brigands, you will be treated as brigands. We'd call you pirates, but that would be an insult to their historical democratic ideals."
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Mrs » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:26 pm

I pity your delusional imagery and false sense of hope. You speak as if you understand chaos and yet cling on to your dogmatic ideas of 'freedom'. You won't be intimidated and yet you persist in your grovelling.

The Phoenix, a symbol of perpetual purgatory, never able to rest does indeed lend itself well to your desperation.

Only when the Phoenix learns to lie in the ashes, taste the dust in it's mouth and allow the darkness to envelop it's soul, will it find the true everlasting, eternally burning fire of CHAOS.
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby SuBSynK » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:37 pm

This one is quite spirited!

I want to see it broken and defiled, weeping for mercy.
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Jack Scallywag
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Jack Scallywag » Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:39 pm

Azazel I like your style and hope to fly with you soon.

I've enjoyed these communique's almost as much as I'll enjoy ripping apart the ships of these Imperial dogs.

*Loads Grade 5 Overcharged Multi-Cannons*
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Theodin » Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:48 pm

Voices are heard as the catoms desperately try to establish a 3D image of the persons on the other side.
„Still nothing? Leave the damn thing! Get the camera!“
A moment later the only two dimensional face of Hank Summers appears on the screen.
„Greetings. I am afraid our field equipment isn't up to imperial standards, so you will have to deal with it just like us. This port still has problems.“
The man takes an excessive pose and then lets the camera go from his point of view over the hangar. Some people seem tied up with highly-armed people standing behind them. A group of sidewinders is surrounded by several much more mean looking ships. The station is clearly Akiyama.
„I am not sure to whom I speak as of now and I don't care. Whoever decides to take over your little party has to deal with us. So listen closely.“
Hank returns to the camera and gives himself a proper close-up by grabbing it.
„We got some of your men. But we both know you care shit about them, just like the people that came to us upon the smallest rallying cry.“
He lets go of the camera and steps back in between the panorama and the camera. Before he continues he lights a cigar. None of the soldiers behind him dared to move yet. The prisoners still kneel before them.
„You know what I like less than people who enslave others as prostitutes or kill innocents as a demonstration of might? People who do all these but can't enforce the authority they like to claim in the end. Your little party is over, ambassador! You aren't part of the big game. You never were. Now your bluff has been called and everyone can see it!“
He draws on the cigar some times before he takes it into his hand and blows some smoke. A man hurries over and hands him a glass. He looks to the camera and swirls it slightly.
„On the rocks! Oh, did you expect tea? I love scotch! But I am sure Vesuvit loves its new influx of tea in the morning. A shame really, you clearly said you had it all so well under control. Now to avoid you the shame of letting Governor Giulianna Fletcher do with you as she pleases in the name of her predecessor, I am here to talk.“
He takes a sip and then draws on the cigar, looking smug at the camera.
„The Imperial Federation, as well as the Tucanae Alliance and the Anti-Chaos Coalition are willing to accept your formal surrender, after which you will receive our demands. For this there will be a roadmap to ensure all demands are met for both sides at a reasonable pace. Mostly for you of course.“
He stares at the camera long enough to let it sink in while he takes a long gulp from the scotch.
A loud smash foretells the death of his glass on the ground.
„Now let's go for our little demonstration.“
After a short snip of his fingers, the soldiers all draw a knife and pull at their prisoners head to put it at their throats.
„Sometimes I love these occasions. People listen to you on command. I see the appeal of a benevolent dictatorship at times.“
He points at the camera with the cigar in hand.
„You should consider to switch to one. Then again you are lacking leadership, so you should resign. Just do both, restore order in your little chicken coop and then resign.“
Hank looks away from the camera and nods to the soldiers. In the blink of a second, they rush the knifes past the prisoners throat and down to their backs to cut the knots before kicking them onto the platform.
„Ladies and gentlement. The Imperial Federation bestows upon you those beautiful sidewinders. Please use them to fly home and tell your 'friends' about what transpired in Shorodo. All you have to do is weather your last bulletstorm.“
None of the prisoners dared to attack, as the soldiers around them all drew their weapons.
„Of course they are themselves unarmed.“
Hank Summers waits for them to hurry off as he continues to smoke in front of the camera. As the first sidewinders launch, nothing happens, but just around the exit explosions are heard. Hank Summers just laughs, goes to the camera and turns it to the mailslot.
„Thought we would stoop to your level, eh? Of course you didn't. After all we are reliable.“
In the back the sidewinders are sent off by fireworks.
„It's just a celebration of your impending defeat and to send the war prisoners home.“
He draws on the cigar to finish it off.
„The people of the borders you brutally subjected in the last months hate you. They call for renewed independance and organize demonstrations under our protection. Further, the people you subdued a while ago, also hate you. Instead of being a benevolent dictatorship we could accept, you shot them whenever you felt like it. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if half your prostitutes hate you. I would say your wife, but I doubt you ever knew what a vow actually means.“
He flipped the cigar stump at the camera.
„Here's to you Azazel - if it is still you that sweats on that seat of yours. This war is lost! And you better bail in your favor before our demands become your reality. There is no second chance.“
The camera is lifted up and brought towards the soldiers and follows their row of attention.
„This is not my final call, so I won't decide your little groups final fate. But if it was on me“, Hank Summers face pushes in front of the camera again with a stern look, „this is supposed to be your fate.“
The camera flies, overseeing the damaged hangars of Akiyama, as the soldiers aim for it. Shots are heard, then the picture is dead. Shortly later the sound cuts off too.
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Tolerance » Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:42 am

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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby Daylight » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:10 pm

I am tired of this arrogant imperial fool...... Theodin bringing those SDC/RSM degenerates into what was a private discussion will lead to your undoing!! so do your worst, we will rise from the flames and cleanse this galaxy of your influence, we will then move onto your "allies" ..... and on a final point .. you do not have any authority or any legitimate claim on these systems as you yourselves are just a bunch of "mercenaries" so go off back to your blue haired princess or those you report too and tell them Chaos is not going anywhere, we are the natural order and you will feel the consequences ... no more threats no more words just action!!!!
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Re: [Embassy] The Imperial Federation

Postby SuBSynK » Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:31 pm

Cleaned up the thread & locked.

*(Mentioning Pheyes and SDC in same sentence = lock)

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