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Music Recommendation #1: Casino vs Japan

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:57 pm
by Thorbernuss
Alright, to start this off I am going to say a few things about how I intend on doing these things. I will have a number in the subject of each post I make just to make it more simple to find. I am doing to make my recommendations of the mood that I think and feel that the music conveys and whatever "genre's" I use to to describe them are what I feel like best suits what I feel like the music sounds like. Also, i have no music ability and everything I say is opinion and subjective even though I might read like I am being objective. Music is odd like that. I also have a penchant for being very wordy and for going in a lot of, maybe unnecessary, detail. I will also leave a link to the playlists I have created at the end of the post, or at least links to more similar music depending on the situation

Alright, the first music i would like to introduce was originally supposed to be "ambient funk" but I never real found anything that could sit in the same playlist as Casino vs Japan. That is why there are to songs at the beginning of the playlist that are not CvJ but do work. I would describe the sound of CvJ, at least on the surface, as "ambient funk" but there is a lot more in it then that, for me. They manage to get a contrast of emotions by how they used sound in their music. In silver and Gold it starts of kind of funky and sets up and kind of relaxed upbeat pace but then the synths start. The slight distortion of the synths with the long drawn out, echoing sound give me a feeling of detachment that I revel in. It conjure images of floating above land/cityscapes and observing the world without any agency on it. this kind of style is used a lot in their music to different effect but I feel like it shares there same core.
If you listen carefully you can hear when the drum sequence repeats and it almost sounds like there is two of the same beat playing over each other that very subtly build a little bit if dissonance but it keeps me routed and doesn't distract em too much because of the long drawn out synths.
The end part of the song has a bit of a tone change when the beat stops and the synths sound seems to fold in on itself in a way that I find moving a warm but also disconnected.

Durusey used all the same CvJ elements that you hear in the first song but draws all the sounds out much longer. CvJ can also capture a very dreamy tone. This is much closer to traditional ambient sound but they still keep their own flavor. The sound feels kind of bubbly and gloopy at the beginning. As the synths close in slowly, the dreamy feeling of the song comes out. As the song start getting into its third act it starts with this spinning, echoing synth that reminds me a lot of the sound you get when you take a flexible pipe and start spinning it above your head. The way the sound emerges is reminiscent of a flower opening.

I think a lot of people will call this type of music "trippy" but I don't like that because it suggests a lack of imagination to me.

Here is the playlist I have made with 95% CvJ; ... ZHOo6kZKaV

Bonus track.

Bonus Art;