Music Recommendation #2: Industrial

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Music Recommendation #2: Industrial

Postby Thorbernuss » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:04 am

Industrial was the first genre of music that I really liked as a whole. It has a very distinct sound but at the same time I struggle to describe what it is. I think it is how the music is put together. It has a kind of cynical, nihilistic tone to the sound. It is not often at all that the lyrics focus on love or happiness but I don't really listen to the words in music. I really just am interested in what the singers voice sounds like and how the words complement the rest of the music. I think that is what really drew me into the genre, the fact that the singers voice often has gone through some sort of distortion and is often not the front and centre of the sound. Most people think of Nine Inch Nails if they know anything about Industrial. I don't mind NIN but I find the sound kind of boring, though NIN do some pretty good songs and have been in the for front in bringing Industrial popularity before it died in america. Now Rammstein hold the flag for keeping Industrial from the brink of obscurity. Everyone knows who Rammstein is. They got me into Industrial.

Die Warzau are a good start on this style of music but they are not my favourite. It isn't easy to find their music on YouTube either due to them being very protective about their music and are on a constant witch hunt to get their music removed. It is pretty annoying because their music is so good and has a lot of verity. Unfortunately I can't put their videos here due to this fact.

16Volt sound like they take the heavier rock side of Industrial music. Their music has a more ethereal undertones then other Industrial music due to the way that the singer draws out his words while he sings. His voice has an unmatched harmony with the style of music that they produce. Their music works together in harmony the backup singer's voice works so well with the main singers voice that I often don't notice when they are both singing together. They also do a number of very melodic songs that can often crash into their more normal tone but will usually go back to the slow melodic tone. They often have portions of their songs do this to some degree.

Acumen Nation's side project Iron Lung Crop.

We have finally gotten to my most favourite band in Industrial. Sadly, not a lot of their music is on YouTube. I am not sure why that is because the songs that I have found have been p for years and not been taken down. I can only think that not many people like them or know about them to upload their music. It so happens that they have a lot of music in their discography and I like every single one of them. I am not exaggerating. Sure, there are some that I am not as fond of as others but I can listen to anything by them and be fine with it. There is a lot of songs that I do love as a bonus. Their music shares a lot of traits that I have already gone through in the music before but they do have a quality that I really love. It isn't that easy to pin down but their music is a lot more melodic with a cynical twist to it. Their sound doesn't take its self seriously and the singers voice is so utterly unique and is used purely as an instrument. The lyrics feel like they have been chosen more to suit the tune and beat of the song more then the subject. Quite honestly I can barley make out what is being sung and I am happy with that. The two song i have chosen to put here are from the same album only because I feel they both show off the best of this band but if you listen to their earlier work it sound raw opposed to their later work which is beautifully refined and doesn't stagnate. Each album has a very defined tone to it and each song flows nicely from one to the next keeping a sort of tonal narrative. They also have a side project called Iron Lung Corp, which I must also put here, which still kept the care tone of their music but dabbled more with synth and added more of a dance beat. The way that the vocals are presented in ILC gives a more detached feel to a lot of their music. An almost melancholy.

I am going to put two bonus bands here simply because I found them while delving into Industrial. They don't really fit in anywhere else and have their on sound.

Fist up is Tweaker

The first song I have put above this was the first song I heard by this band and it was so unlike anything I have ever heard before. Even now, nearly ten years later I have yet to find music like it. The second song is one that is too dealy love. Tweaker is a little odd in that I am not sure why I like their music. I just do. I very rarely give "I just do" as an answer and it kind of bugs me that I have to here.
I don't know much about this band simply because I have no real interest in the people behind the music. What I have gathered is that Tweaker is a side project of some very famous group. I think some one from tool or something. Only the music from their album All Things Uncertain has music that i like.

Secondly, we have Rabbit Junk and Wolves Under Sail

You might be a little confused as to why I have put two band there but they are the same. WUS would closely resemble folk mettle while RJ would be some kind of Electronic Hardcore.
I put rabbit just here because they are the exception to my not liking very much EH. They are also special because they shift genres so fluidly and effortlessly with each song and sometimes within songs. If I was to post a video to show examples of their their range of sound, I would have to post every song they have made. What is most impressive to me about them is the fact that they manage to keep the unique sound no matter how they mess with it. Their album Reframe is my personal favourite simply because it shows off everything I have already said about them. I don't like every song on the album, some I don't really like at all but I admire their ability to experiment with their sound. I highly recommend checking out all their albums if you like some aspect of any of their music. They will always keep you guessing and still surprise me today with what they come out with.

Here is a link to a playlist for Reframe; ... A5B8EDDA68

Wolves Under Sail have a very special place in my heart. Their music is completely obscure and not very easy to find at all. The video I posted is their one and only album. Unfortunately the song The Neverender is even harder to find. I only know of it because a couple of years ago I had to dig through the internet to find more music by them and I found an old MySpace page with their music on there for free download. I think that page is gone now.
WUS sound on the album I posted feels like it has a serious folk viking mettle tone. I have yet to find anything like it but it doesn't mean there isn't anything. Most people who I have shown them too always say something stupid like "they sound like Ailstorm". That makes me want to slap them. The tone and feel are totally different. Ailstorm are a fun clownish band who sing about getting drunk and pillaging booty. They feel like a joke bad.
The song Mofar Son Of Mofar, the first song on the album, is my favourite. I love how it tells a simple story about a man trying to get his men home safely through a storm while they are in the middle of the ocean. This is one of the few times when I pay attention to the lyrics. The sound also has superb tonal flow. The start lets you know that we are on a boat. I imagine a viking long boat simply because of the name Mofar. They masterfully set up everything about this band through their album narrative. Simply reading the names of the songs will give you the information about where we are in the narrative. The first song is about them getting home after a battle and the second is them celebrating the dead. The third song can be seen as either them making their plans for their next battle while the forth is them going into battle and facing a terrible enemy. The tone of the forth song changes to a pretty sombre pace. It also has a kind of military style drumming. The last song on the album is an interesting one. I am not entirely sure where this one sits in the narrative. I will leave that one to you.

One last thing. The lead singer in Wolves Under Sail is the same person as the lead singer in Rabbit Junk.
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Re: Music Recommendation#2: Industrial

Postby Mrs » Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:50 pm

What a frigging epic post!! Thanks so much for this - I will leave it up on my screen and peruse this at leisure :)
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Re: Music Recommendation #2: Industrial

Postby Nabari » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:43 am

Finally someone else who enjoys industrial music!!!!! Front 242 for the win!!!!
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Re: Music Recommendation #2: Industrial

Postby Nabari » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:45 am

Finally someone else who enjoys industrial music!!!!! Front 242 for the win!!!!

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