Trade Advice?

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Trade Advice?

Postby 8BitPixelPony » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:27 am

I run a Lakon Type 6 all around the various systems around Vesuvit but I'm curious if there are greener pastures and if so any advice on what to trade between them? Or even advice as to what places are currently selling goods I can bring into Suri Gateway. I already have a place in Laka that does fairly well but it's always good to know more.
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Re: Trade Advice?

Postby Shepherd_oc » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:08 pm

Vesuvit is away from the busy trading routes.
The closer to the bubble, the shorter the trading routes, and the faster you can make profit.

Trading Community Goals are a good start for making quick money, but not lots of money in a type 6. If you get into Top 50% you can earn some nice credits.

Trading Imperial Slaves and taking the credits from the imperials is an excellent way of making money and transporting indentured imperial citizens foolish enough to have got themselves in debt.

I follow the Shepherds of Commerce creed and I trade anything in a 1 tonne container legal or illegal. Time of Chaos does not restrict your trading, what you trade or how you trade your life is your own. Wing trading is also good for getting an extra 5% of your wing mens profits with no loss of profit to them.

When long range missions appear on the Mission board for ToC, you can take long distance pirate runs to support the ToC (A Python is highly recommended for not legal trading :-) It is an exciting challenge and gives you the ability to support ToC.

With a Type 6 transporter you can land on small/medium and large landing pads which gives you plenty of flexibility in the trade routes you can choose. A type 6 with at least 100 tonnes, auto dock controller and no weapons is a great money making machine.

Using the web site and selecting - Trading - Single Hop Trade - you can work out possible trade routes.

Check out EHECATL and VEROANDI systems using and check out imperial slaves which are legal in Imperial space.
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Re: Trade Advice?

Postby Nabari » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:03 am

one particular system I used to trade a lot in was somewhere deep in imperial space you can trade imperial slaves and get approx 1k profit from each one.
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Re: Trade Advice?

Postby kaivalagi » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:12 am

Vesuvit and the surrounding area isn't great for trading at all, there just isn't enough traffic etc, but if you want to get on a serious trading run to earn credits then is your friend....

Go here and pop in some details to suit:


Yes, that's over 5000Cr profit per unit for less than 10ly jump there and back!

It's just 142ly away from Vesuvit, maybe 7-9 jumps away for you :) What you can do is base your best trading ship in that area and buy a hauler taxi that does 30ly jumps, so when trading you just haul it over there to do some then come back....

You'll move up from a T6 to a T7 in no time, and if trading over 8ly jumps you could go with a cheap T9 and have that covered too in time....

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