Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

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Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Deathwatch101 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:15 pm

Refer to the Home-world Details thread for related info on our home systems, including influence charts and details on materials etc

HOW TO HELP (UPDATED: 18/09/2016)

After applying pressure to the RSM home-world they have approached us for a ceasefire! We have accepted their offer reluctantly and will move toward a place of neutrality. Please do not go to their systems or continue attacks on their forces! We will assess the situation going forward, if you see any RSM pilots in any of our systems please report their movements to chaos command.

High Priority Actions
    Now is the time for fortification! In order of priority these systems should be worked on...

  • Vesuvit
  • Iota Tucanae
  • Synuefe GU-D D13-78
  • Tucanae Sector DQ-Y C11
  • Karunti

Low Priority Actions
    These systems are still important to us but much lower priority...

  • Shorodo
  • HIP 4273
  • HIP 1672
  • Auserid

Unhelpful Actions
  • Do not help ToC influence in any syustems not listed above, these systems are dead weight and should be left alone.

More Info [+]
Time of Chaos – Weekly Situation Report – 25/07/3302 –> 15/08/3302


  • Time of Chaos expands into Iota Tucanae
  • Time of Chaos enters another state of expansion
  • Victory in HIP 6369
  • Chaos Bubble continues going but a number of new influenced systems still haven't joined completely


Over the last couple of weeks, Time of Chaos forces have been working hard across all control systems maintaining our strength to prevent any Imperial incursions in our systems, our forces have worked hard and performed some economic function to help reduce our current rate of expansion to further secure our borders from the Imperial Dogs.

We have seen a slight affect from a Imperial Mandate and push to regain Influence in Synuefe though the effect is minor, the Imperial dogs have secured themselves in the system as a watchful eye after we secured all bases in the sector including a military base, that may be key in the local area.

Our economic strength and military has continued to grow, bringing a long awaited system into the fold Iota Tucanae now has chaos influence within its borders for further growth in the future, may they eventually join us in freedom from Imperial law and join us in the Freedom of the people.

Any current forces are requested to assist in our sectors primarily the focus of keeping our Home Systems stable and secure, please contact HQ for further instruction on how to help.

Hail Chaos, For the Echleon.
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Jack Scallywag
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Re: Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Jack Scallywag » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:06 pm

It appears the Imperials are trying to buy off our cooperation in return for ceasing operations in Kureserians.


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