Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

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Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Deathwatch101 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:21 pm

Refer to the Home-world Details thread for related info on our home systems, including influence charts and details on materials etc

Unless you are part of the BGS team, please refrain from any activities that will affect any minor factions other than our own. Some factions for example may be war locked and we don't want them to win/lose the war they're in, other factions maybe deliberately being "adjusted" to get into war with another etc etc. These BGS activities are very sensitive to outside influence hence this notice. If you want to help then great but please make sure you're doing the right thing with the BGS team.

HOW TO HELP (UPDATED: 27/12/2016)

Summary & The War For Vesuvit

During this intense period of Total War against the ImperialFeds, the forces of Chaos have suffered many setbacks both in ships destroyed and assets lost. A policy of assured destruction has been implemented on both sides. The Chaotic revolution had, it seemed, successfully enlightened Vesuvians and freed them from the restrictive old ways. We thought the Chaotic revolution had successfully severed the chains of Imperial propaganda in Vesuvit and the surrounding Chaos systems forever. Despite this optimism however it has now become apparent that many people still hold on to the old dogmatic ways and secretly bask in the Imperial light.

Groups still loyal to the Imperials are emerging in nearly all of the newly freed chaotic systems and forming pockets of resistance. Financial backing from Aisling Duval and the support of many Duval sycophants has led to a tide of terror operations. The Imperial Feds have sought out anyone with a past grievance toward the chaotic cause to form a bizarre alliance of disgruntled exiles and Imperial pigdogs marching in step to a chorus of ignorance.

Vesuvit has suffered terribly during these uprisings. Suri gateway has been defaced with the symbols of the Imperial forces and the peoples vision of freedom crushed underfoot. Those especially loyal to the Chaotic revolution have been sought out by Imperial "Order Enforcers" and murdered, their families imprisoned.

Following reports which have been deciphered by our Chaotic brothers we now understand, to a higher degree, what strategies must be employed in order to regain Vesuvit and secure a Chaotic future for the region.

Now is the time to recapture Vesuvit the Home-world of Chaos! Using the military stronghold of Synuefe GU-D D13-78 as a staging post Chaos forces have attacked Fozard Vision, striking a resounding blow to the Imperial stranglehold on the System. Fozard Vision has been a Imperial thorn in the side of Vesuvit for long enough and more importantly capturing Fozard Vision will pave the way back to Suri Gateway.

Onward and upward, for Chaos.


The story of ToC and our impact on the Galaxy should not be seen as a win/loss when considering systems as there is no amount of systems owned that equals a win or loss. Its important to remember that the BGS will be an ongoing chaotic battle to influence the galaxy around us. As a force who's central premise is chaos we should accept the "losses" as part of the chaotic nature of the cosmos. In the end its only ever a loss when we are not enjoying the experience of taking part. After all true chaos is about dark and light, victory and defeat & we should embrace all these things.

High Priority Actions
    In order of priority these systems should be worked on...

  • Vesuvit
  • Synuefe GU-D D13-78
  • Tucanae Sector DQ-Y C11

Low Priority Actions
    These systems are still important to us but much lower priority...

  • HIP 4273
  • HIP 1672

Unhelpful Actions
  • Do not help ToC influence in any systems not listed above, these systems are dead weight and should be left alone.

More Info [+]
Time of Chaos – Weekly Situation Report – 15/08/3302 –> 22/09/3302



Over the last month, Time of Chaos forces have been through a large process of growth during this time, we have come into conflict with a number of independent pilots and groups, A number of filth have aligned themselves with those known as the Exiles in a bid to interrupt chaos.

As well as a number of Aislings dogs and these Exile Puppets, we have fought a number of conflicts against them, alongside a few delusional independent pilots of the pilots federation, that believe a number of independent factions are aligned to them, these carcinogenic using fools are but puppets that need to be stomped out.

Current Operations are the fortification of our primary systems and the reclaiming of Akiyama Hub after its retaking by the Nationals of Shorodo, though in a fine but glorious incident the independent pilots supporting them have managed to perform an Unknown Artefact bombing on the system causing failures to spread through it.

In addition Logistics is currently searching for Commanders who wish to help with local operations of specific systems as we crush the Imperial Puppets and the Dogs of Exile.

Hail Chaos, For the Echleon.
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Re: Home-world Progress And How You Can help!

Postby Tolerance » Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:08 pm

Go go Vesuvit Galactic Industries!! yeeeeeeeeey - big party tonight, in Suri Gateway, all paid for by the Galactic Industries!

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